European Project HAPPENING Showcases Energy Transition through Heat Pumps at Saluzzo Event


Saluzzo, Italy – May 17, 2023 – The Sustainable Energy Days , a flagship initiative led by the European Commission as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW ), recently featured an event (ED089) in Saluzzo, Italy, highlighting the pivotal role of heat pumps in driving the energy transition. The event aimed at engaging various stakeholders interested in this domain, with a particular emphasis on the innovative solutions developed within the H2020 HAPPENING project Located just a few kilometres from Saluzzo, the Italian demo case of the project provided a compelling backdrop for the discussions.


The event commenced with a thought-provoking conference, centred around four key focal points. First and foremost, it delved into the technology behind micro-heat pump terminals and elucidated the economic, environmental, and comfort benefits they offer for the renovation of residential building systems. Additionally, the conference showcased a captivating case study of the Italian demo building in Verzuolo, shedding light on the significant progress made and the impressive outcomes achieved thus far. Furthermore, attendees gained valuable insights into the optimization of water ring systems of this nature, aimed at enhancing performance, as well as the broader social impact of these innovative solutions in European residential buildings.


Designed to be accessible to a diverse range of attendees, the conference covered all essential aspects of energy efficiency. Following the conference and a lively question and answer session, participants were cordially invited to visit the Verzuolo case study building. This unique opportunity allowed them to witness the ongoing construction first hand and observe the operational heat pump system, facilitating a more immediate and tangible understanding of the concepts presented during the conference.

The Saluzzo event epitomized the collaborative efforts of the European Sustainable Energy Week and the H2020 HAPPENING project, fostering a productive platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and innovation. It united stakeholders from various sectors to collectively drive the energy transition forward, positioning heat pumps as a key enabler in achieving sustainable and resilient residential building systems throughout Europe.