Optimizing Heat Pump Systems with Thermal Energy Storage: A Groundbreaking Advancement in the HAPPENING Project

The European project HAPPENING is an innovative initiative aimed at transforming the way we manage energy in homes. This project brings together a consortium of leading companies in technology and sustainability with the goal of developing more efficient and sustainable solutions for residential heating and cooling. One of the consortium’s members,  EURAC, has taken a […]

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SUNHORIZON: Suncoupled innovative heat pumps – Final Conference

Concluding a remarkable five-year journey of dedication, the SunHorizon project held its final conference this September. The primary objective of SunHorizon was to showcase innovative heat pump and solar panel solutions at Technology Readiness Level 7, designed to significantly improve the heating and cooling of buildings while reducing CO2 emissions and promoting greater energy independence. […]


European Project HAPPENING Showcases Energy Transition through Heat Pumps at Saluzzo Event Saluzzo, Italy – May 17, 2023 – The Sustainable Energy Days , a flagship initiative led by the European Commission as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW ), recently featured an event (ED089) in Saluzzo, Italy, highlighting the pivotal role of heat pumps in driving the energy transition. The event aimed […]


HAPPENING at local newspapers from Saluzzo

Gazzetta di Saluzzo THE EUROPEAN CONFERENCE PROMOTED BY TECNOZENITH Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of May, Tecnozenith host the fifth general assembly of the project “Happening”, financed by the European Commission in the context of the Horizon 2020 program. The project focus on a new solution and technology to renovate from an energy point of […]


Happening has participated in Germany’s largest energy transition conference “Berliner ENERGIETAGE”.

Berliner ENERGIETAGE it is the major annual conference of the Energiewende (“energy transition”) in Germany, hosting dozens of single events and panels three days a year in late spring. The Energietage are adding up more than 150 hours of panels with about 300 speakers out of every related branch  each year. Most single events are organized and distributed by […]

General Assembly in Bolzano, Italy

HAPPENING celebrates its first year with ambitious and positive results in the testing phase of the developed technology

The General Assembly agreed to move on to the next phase, focusing on the application of the technology in pilot projects in Spain, Italy and Austria. “HAPPENING Consortium partners gathered in Bolzano (Italy) to celebrate our 1st anniversary of the project in the 2nd General Assembly, where we had the opportunity to learn about the […]