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SUNHORIZON: Suncoupled innovative heat pumps – Final Conference

Concluding a remarkable five-year journey of dedication, the SunHorizon project held its final conference this September. The primary objective of SunHorizon was to showcase innovative heat pump and solar panel solutions at Technology Readiness Level 7, designed to significantly improve the heating and cooling of buildings while reducing CO2 emissions and promoting greater energy independence.

One significant highlight of the event was the introduction of “HAPPENING” (HeAt PumPs in existing multi-family buildings for achieving union’s ENergy and envIroNmental Goals) by Jon Iturralde from TECNALIA. This ground-breaking initiative focuses on providing a solution for the decarbonization of existing multi-family buildings using heat pumps in a cascade system.

The conference served as a platform to not only celebrate the outcomes of half a decade’s worth of effort but also to shed light on transformative approaches to addressing energy and environmental challenges in the future. It was an opportunity to present the results of the work carried out, outlining the project’s exploitation strategy, and unveiling the next steps for the future beyond the project.

On September 27th, SunHorizon welcomed participants to join us in celebrating the successful culmination of this remarkable journey and to discover exciting new initiatives like HAPPENING, which promise to be a driving force in the journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.