The Austrian pilot project will take place in Liezen, 110km north of Graz, in the region of Styria. The building contains 20 apartments in a climate zone with large temperature differences between winter and summer.

Climatic zone (Köppen): Dfb (Warm-summer humid continental climate)

Weather characteristics: ​

  • Colder winters (average T in January: -5,5 ºC). ​
  • The coldest winters among the three locations, with high temperature difference between winter and summer months.

Building description

Build up between ~1940.
20 dwellings in 5 sections
3 and 4 room apartments
avg. of 56m² per dwelling. ​

Ownership: The building is owned by the non-profit social housing company (GWS)

Space heating system: Varies from apartment to apartment: a) via oil or wood stove on apartment level or b) via gas heaters on apartment. Radiators are used in the apartments with a supply/return temperature of 80/60ºC.​. 

DHW System: on apartment level by electric water heaters or gas boilers​.

Existing control and monitoring System: no monitoring system installed at the moment. Basic control system in each dwelling: water supply controlled by ambient thermostats (on/off control strategy).

Space heating energy consumption: ~44,8 MWh/a​ rwsp. ~40 kWh/m2​

DHW energy consumption: 29,1 MWh/a​ resp. 26 kWh/m2​