Happening has participated in Germany’s largest energy transition conference “Berliner ENERGIETAGE”.

Berliner ENERGIETAGE it is the major annual conference of the Energiewende (“energy transition”) in Germany, hosting dozens of single events and panels three days a year in late spring.

The Energietage are adding up more than 150 hours of panels with about 300 speakers out of every related branch  each year. Most single events are organized and distributed by their cooperation partners directly – it’s their events, combined under the powerful umbrella of the Energietage brand and with endless opportunities to gain knowledge from the diverse field of branches and experts on location.

At this event, Michael Reisenbichler (AEE INTEC) and Matteo Leone Campidelli (INNOVA) had the opportunity to present the concept and advantages of HAPPENING to the conference’s virtual and on-site attendees. The new technology based on cascade heat pumps.