HAPPENING article in the GWS customer magazine

We are pleased to announce that we have published an article about the demo in Liezen in GWS customer magazine.

The article is one page long and can be found in the document on page 11.  We have translate it to english for you to read it

The renovation of the houses in Südtirolergasse in Liezen is a showcase project for GWS thanks to the environmentally friendly, innovative and sustainable heat and hot water supply.

The two-storey brick buildings, which date back to the early 1940s, are currently being renovated. Brick buildings are currently undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment. Facades, basement ceilings, the top storey ceiling and the converted attics are being insulated with the help of ERDF funding, and the existing windows are being replaced with triple-glazed models. In addition, the entire heating system in part of the buildings will be renewed within the framework of the EU project “HAPPENING“. This will significantly reduce heating costs for the residents and at the same time increase comfort.



The new heating system consists of central air-to-water heat pumps, a low-temperature distribution system and decentralised water-to-water heat pumps with hot water boilers for each flat. Energy is obtained from the sun through photovoltaic panels on the roof. In addition, ambient heat is used by the heat pumps. The new radiators provide cosy warmth in the living rooms and the hot water is is heated in new boilers by means of heat pump.



With the renovation, GWS is also making a contribution to climate protection. The heating requirement (HWB) is improved from from 160 to 54 kWh/m² per year.
The HWB value is thus reduced by around 70 percent.  On the energy performance certificate, the project Südtirolergasse project climbs from class E to C. The CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced by 165 tonnes per year and and, of course, the running costs.



In implementing the renovation measures, the GWS deliberately relies on regional partners. For example scientific support for the project by the non-university research by the institution AEE – Institute for
Sustainable Technologies from Gleisdorf. Awareness, to seek support from companies in the surrounding area was raised in many companies by the Corona pandemic.  At GWS, this has always been “part of  the DNA” of the company. “The cooperation with regional partners is what we at GWS ‘live’ in all our construction projects and what has always been close to our hearts,” emphasises GWS managing director Johannes Geiger.