Electrification of heat and cold in buildings in the Basque Country

Join us on the morning of July the 14th in Donostia/San Sebastián to learn more about HAPPENING.

This conference will address innovative and efficient solutions for the electrification of heat and cold in buildings in the Basque Country.

Decarbonizing existing buildings plays a key role in achieving overall climate neutrality goals, as they are currently responsible for 40% of energy demand and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe. This demand is derived mainly from heating, cooling and DHW systems.

Heat pumps are a key technology for introducing renewables into the heat supply of buildings; especially combining them with the production of renewable electricity on site, for example, through photovoltaics.

The entire value chain of heat pumps

This event will cover the entire value chain of heat pumps, starting with the manufacturer, through installation and maintenance, until reaching the end user.

In addition, real solutions installed in both single-family buildings and residential blocks and new construction or renovations will be presented, including the three real use cases in Spain, Italy and Austria that have been developed in HAPPENING.

Heat pump equipment manufacturers, engineering professionals, ESCOs, maintainers and promoters, public and institutional agents, associations will all benefit from attending this event on the 14th of June.

You can check out the full program and register here: